Let’s talk!

Since RLWC2013, we have continued on our journey to attempt to bridge the gap between our sport and the Arts, ever asking the question where are the opportunities where we can bring the two together and more importantly (and challenging) how do we do this. It is most pleasing when something, just on our doorstep presents itself, and even  better when the people involved are more than willing to talk and make it happen.


The 1st day of August took us to Huddersfield. Rather than our meeting take place in the usual environment and (almost full-time) residence of Bernie Morley – we took ourselves to the Queenies Coffee shop at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.


There we met Vicky Holliday – creative producer at Creative scene. Bernie and I were ready to hear about the upcoming production of The Ruck – a play inspired by the real life story of the first UK girls rugby league team to tour Australia. Vicky wondered how we could attract Rugby League fans to come and see the production and we wondered how the production could inspire our dance and arts programmes. The answers were simple, if we work together then the benefits will be felt all around.